Subtitles Legends of Chamberlain Heights S02E05

Season 02. Episode 05 – Inspired by Isis

Milk swaps places with a girl named Isis from Ubombastan as part of a student exchange program, and Grover and Jamal find a replacement white boy for their crew.

Three high school freshman, Grover, Milk and Jamal may just be benchwarmers on their basketball team at Michael Clarke Duncan High School, but they have lofty dreams. The freshmen want to earn their peers’ respect and become legends at the school, but they have a long way to go to achieve that status. They have to prove themselves to be champions — both on and off the court — to ascend the social ladder. Former college basketball players Quinn Hawking and Josiah Johnson, who lend their voices to the animated series, served as the inspiration for the characters.