Subtitles Joanna Lumley’s India S01E03

Joanna Lumley’s India S01E03

In the final episode Joanna ends her incredible 5000 mile journey across India in the place where she was born – Srinagar in Kashmir. Her journey begins in the Ranthambhore National Park, where she hopes to spot a tiger in the wild. Then onto Delhi, a city of stark contrasts. The extreme differences are obvious when Joanna visits a homeless community – where 10,000 men live under a flyover – and visits the modern area of the city where she tries her hand at working in a hi-tech call centre. The final leg of her journey takes her north from Delhi to Dharamsala, where she is granted a private audience with the Dalai Lama.

Joanna Lumley travels back to the country of her birth, here meeting the Maharaja of Dungapur who shows her around his lakeside palace. She explores the Pleasure Pavilion, the mirrored floors, and his collection of vintage cars. In stark contrast, when Joanna travels to Gujarat, she visits a Dalit community, considered to be India’s lowest caste. Elswhere, Joanna joins in a Hindu house-warming ceremony, where a cow and calf are brought into the new house for luck, and she is amazed by the Ellora Caves, over 100 caves dating from AD 600 to 1,000 and carved from solid rock to form spectacular temples.